Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Blackwater and Greywater?
Greywater is usually domestic wastewater from bathrooms, laundry and kitchen areas but excludes toilet waste. Blackwater is wastewater from toilets.

Can I use treated Blackwater to flush my toilets?
Current legislation does not allow you to recycle Blackwater back to the house for any uses.

Can I use the treated water from my system for irrigation above the ground?
Only recycled water from our Greywater systems can be used for above ground irrigation. Water from our Blackwater systems can be directed to an underground trench during installation for subsoil irrigation.

What system do I need?
Our Website has a section ‘ understanding our products’. This explains the differences between each system and may assist you in a decision. You can also lodge an enquiry directly on our website from our contacts page and one of our representatives will contact you to offer assistance.

How do I purchase a system?
Contact us and we will send you a Customer Installation Data Sheet and order form. If you elect to proceed we will also arrange for our distributor in your area to call on you.

How much will the system cost?
Each system is designed for specific functions, and therefore the prices can vary from unit to unit. The installation costs of the tank and land application area are site specific and you should discuss these with our local Aqua Clarus distributor when they visit you.

How can I pay?
We can accept payment by direct deposit, credit card or cheque.

When will my system be delivered?
We can deliver your system within four to six weeks of receiving your deposit.

Can I install the system myself?
No. An Aqua Clarus accredited plumber must install and commission your system.

Do I need to change any of the plumbing in my house?
Both the Blackwater (septic) and Greywater systems require standard plumbing from the house. The Greywater systems will need to have return plumbing lines installed if you require recycled water for toilet flushing.

How much electricity does the system use?
Depending upon the system you choose, the very low usage will vary from between 1.4 to 1.9 kWhr/day. Equivalent to a 60w light globe.

What are the power connection requirements?
A licensed electrician will need to run a 240-volt power supply to the system and hardwire it to the junction box or install a standard 10amp power point for connection.

Where will the in ground system be located and how far from the house?
The M800 Greywater system can be positioned against the side of the house but other systems can be up to six meters away and installed underground. If you have a high set house, the system can be located under your house provided there is enough access and head height. Your local Aqua Clarus representative can help you choose the best possible location for your site.

Do I require council or local authority approval to install the system?
Yes. Unless you have Council approval, your warranty will be void and your local council or authority may take action against you.

Do I need to have a site assessment by a geotechnical engineer?
Most local authorities require a site assessment but some do not. If your local authority requires a site assessment they should be able to direct you to people who can assist you.

Who will put in my application to the local authority?
You can either lodge the application yourself or get assistance from a geotechnical engineer, builder or architect.

What happens if something toxic gets in to the system?
In a blackwater system the worms could die. This may be detected when your system is serviced and there may be a need to introduce more worms.
In a greywater system the quality of the treated water may deteriorate or flow rate through the system may be significantly reduced. Restoring the system could involve significant costs so it is important that the introduction of toxic material be avoided as detailed in the owners manual.

What should I do if the alarm sounds?
You should refer to the owners manual. As the system will advise Aqua Clarus representatives of a problem you will most likely get a call from them to assist. If you do not hear we suggest you notify Aqua Clarus by contacting through the website.

I understand Aqua Clarus can remotely monitor my system. How does this work?
The system will dial out to an Aqua Clarus representative. They will contact you and ask some questions to assist in diagnosing the problem. If necessary an Aqua Clarus representative will visit.

Do I need to have the system serviced?
The system will require servicing either once or twice per year depending on your chosen system.

Who do I get to service my System?
All onsite wastewater treatment systems need to be covered by a service agreement.  Aqua Clarus will offer you an annual ongoing Service Agreement at installation or you may care to make your own arrangements.

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